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Editor & Co-Director

Since the age of eleven, 16-yr. old filmmaker Justen Turner has been producing and directing feature film projects. At the encouragement and urging of his older brother Julien, Justen formally created Dreadhead Films in 2014 (when he was 12), and in that same year, two of his films-- iWitness Christmas and Giving Gives Back were honored and recognized at national film festivals.  Justen quickly became noticed in his community for his filmmaking skills and was hired to provide videography services for the varsity football and basketball programs at his local high school. In 2016, Justen and his brother Julien decided to join forces and serve as partners at Dreadhead Films. In November 2017, he and his brother Julien were thrust into the national spotlight when brother Julien's biology rap video went viral and they were also recognized as the youngest filmmakers to be commissioned to do a short film for Sesame Street for its 2018-2019 season. As a result, they were featured on CNN, the NY Times and other national platforms. Visit for more.  Justen also enjoys playing basketball, playing in the orchestra, and is a 4.0+ honor student. He is currently a junior at Pickerington North High School (Pickerington, OH).

Justen Turner
Julien Turner


Writer & Co-Director

Throughout his high school years, 20-yr. old Julien Turner was best known as a scholar-athlete, having maintained over a 4.0 gpa while playing and serving as the captain of both his varsity football and track teams. With respect to filmmaking, Julien spent most of his efforts early on assisting, supporting, promoting, and writing for his younger brother Justen and his film company Dreadhead Films.  However, Julien soon discovered that he too had a hidden passion for filmmaking, particularly in the areas of screenwriting and directing. In 2016, he decided to join forces with his brother Justen, with aims to take Dreadhead Films to the next level.  In November 2017, Julien was thrust into the national spotlight when he decided to do an extra credit biology rap video that went viral. The national exposure landed him on Good Morning America, TMZ, MTV, among other national platforms. He and brother Justen were also recognized that month as the youngest filmmakers to be commissioned to do a short film for Sesame Street for its 2018-2019 season. As a result, they were also featured on CNN and the NY Times. Visit for more. Besides sports and filmmaking, Julien also enjoys playing the piano and bass. As a result of his athletic and academic performance in high school, Julien received multiple football and full-ride academic offers from colleges across the country as a senior in high school. Julien ultimately decided to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta where he is currently a  junior and on the dean's list. Julien also plays football and participates in the honors program at Morehouse. He is studying Marketing and Urban Studies.  

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